3 Ways to Upgrade Your Concrete Stairs

Does your home have concrete stairs that you want to upgrade? Do you want to make your concrete stairs warmer and more welcoming? Once you’ve contacted Wohlwend Concrete for concrete stairs in St. Louis Park, here are three easy ways to take your steps to the next level, both functionally and aesthetically!

1. Flowers and Greenery

If your concrete steps are missing the warmth you desire, try sprucing them up with some flowers and other greenery! Lining either side of your concrete stairs with flowerpots blooming with fresh flowers can bring life to your stairs. Low-maintenance plants can provide warmth and welcome to guests, while requiring minimal care on your end!

One thing to note here: try to avoid plants that grow long, trailing vines. Plants that tend to grow out over flowerpots can become more of a risk as they may trip unsuspecting visitors on their way in.

2. Install Railings

concrete stairs St Louis Park

Another way to protect your guests on concrete stairs is to add railings. Railings provide an extra level of security to your steps, allowing people to hold on to something to prevent tripping or slipping. Plus, railings can elevate the look of your concrete steps!

Railings also add the ability to warm up your concrete stairs with a pop of color! You can paint your railings any color to match your home and desired aesthetic of your steps!

3. Step Lights

This last idea brings both functionality and aesthetics all in one. Adding step lights to your concrete stairs can bring an air of sophistication to your steps as it gets darker out while also increasing visibility to prevent anyone from tripping on steps they can’t see! While step lights may not be the most attractive feature during the day, their looks and functionality during darker hours make up for any small amount of unseemliness during the day.

Do your concrete stairs in St. Louis Park or the surrounding areas need more of an upgrade than plants or a railing? Call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or contact us for all your concrete stair installation or repair needs!