4 Reasons to Install a Concrete Apron

If your home has a driveway leading into a garage, then you probably either already have or need a concrete apron. A concrete apron is the slab of concrete in front of the garage door that transitions to the driveway. While many may not think a concrete apron is necessary, it provides a gradual slope, allowing vehicles to access the garage from the driveway without damage due to the different grades of the surfaces.

If you still aren’t sure that you need a concrete apron in Twin Cities, here are four reasons to have one installed!

1. Provides Gradual Slope

If you recently had your driveway done, you may look at the entrance to your garage and think that they aren’t two different grades, so why would a concrete apron matter? A concrete apron is always important as driveways aren’t built on a foundation and will likely sink over time. The ground underneath may slowly be eroded by rainwater, causing the driveway to become uneven with the garage entrance.

A concrete apron negates this issue by providing a gradual slope from driveway to garage, allowing vehicles to enter the garage even after your driveway has had time to settle and sink.

concrete apron twin cities

2. Keeps Surfaces Apart

Driveways and garages often are made of different materials, meaning they have different subgrades and will experience different freeze thaw cycles. This can cause unnecessary stress on the opposing surface. A concrete apron, however, separates the two surfaces allowing them to both experience their own stressors without damaging the other.

If you are planning on installing an asphalt driveway, it’s always best to install a concrete apron first!

3. Diverts Rainwater and Snowmelt

Sometimes, there are no other options than to have your driveway slope towards your garage. In heavy rains or times of melting snow, the water can then cause your garage to flood. While a drain can help negate this issue, you have to ensure that the slopes of the driveway and garage lead to the drain in order for the water to cause minimal damage, which can be a hassle if both garage and driveway are already completed.

Another option to minimize water access to your garage is a concrete apron. Utilizing a slope away from your garage, a concrete apron adds another hurdle to stop the water from easily flowing down into your garage. You can combine both by having a drain installed into your concrete apron as well!

4. Provides Visual Distinction

Finally, the last reason is purely an aesthetic one. Many people opt for a concrete apron in a different color than their driveway, or sometimes may even opt for a different texture. A concrete apron creates visual distinction between the garage and driveway, allowing your personal tastes to be incorporated.

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