4 Signs You Need Concrete Step Repair

concrete step repair st Paul

In Minnesota, where winters can take their toll, concrete is an ideal material for outdoor steps. However, concrete steps still need repairs from time to time. If you need concrete step repair in Vadnais Heights, call Wohlwend Concrete as soon as possible to take care of this safety issue. If you aren’t sure how to tell when your concrete steps are in need of repair, keep reading! We’ve outlined four main signs that your concrete steps need repaired.

1. Visible Sinking

If your concrete steps have sunk enough to be visibly noticeable, it is time to think about getting repairs scheduled as soon as possible. Concrete steps that have started sinking rarely stop sinking on their own and require repairs to reverse and stop any further damage.

2. Cracks

Concrete, while durable, can still crack over time. Especially concrete that has begun sinking. If your steps have begun sinking, but aren’t bad enough to be visibly noticeable yet, there are still signs that they are in need of repair. Specifically, sunken concrete steps often exhibit cracks on one side of the steps. Keeping an eye out for this sign can help you identify a problem before the repairs become more costly.

3. Visible Separation

Additionally, if your concrete steps have started pulling away from the house, or there is any visible separation where it used to attach to your home, call us right away. Visible separation from the house is a good indicator that there is something wrong that requires a professional to repair.

4. Routine Puddles

Have you noticed puddles forming in the middle of your concrete steps each time it rains? This can be an early warning sign that your steps have begun to sink. While the sinking may not have advanced far enough for other indicators, routine puddles can still indicate that there is a problem forming. Check for puddles forming in the same spot every time it rains, this can indicate where your steps are sinking and how far they have already sunk.

Have you noticed any of these tell-tale signs that it is time for you to schedule repairs for your concrete steps? Don’t delay scheduling repairs, as further damage to your concrete steps could cause more expensive and extensive damage. Call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or contact us for concrete step repairs in Vadnais Heights and the surrounding Twin Cities area this fall!