Be Ready for Your Concrete Driveway

A concrete driveway is strong and lasts, all while costing a reasonable price. Concrete driveways can be customized also, far exceeding the decorative capabilities of your standard blacktop driveway. Follow these steps to make sure your future driveway is ready for its concretion. Be sure to allow ample time for the curing process. Wohlwend Concrete can handle all of these tasks and more for you!

Advantages of a Concrete Driveway
Low-maintenance, concrete driveways offer a lot less in the way of hassle and difficulty. Calling for an occasional hard wash and an annual resealing (preventing stains and increasing overall weather resistance) concrete driveways, if installed and maintained correctly, will last 25-50 years.

Concrete driveways are less costly—both at install and in maintenance—than a standard blacktop drive.
A rough estimate places your cost from $4-10 per square foot (depending on a few factors; complexity of the job, special decorative concrete finish, etc.).

Technical Specs
Look into local code requirements regarding measurements and minimum compressive strength and have your contractor pull any necessary permits before you build a concrete driveway. Typical width for a one-car drive is eight to nine feet, or 15-18 feet for a two-car driveway. The concrete and its base should be at least four inches thick. Make sure the drive slope toward the street is ¼ inch per running foot for necessary drainage.

Site Prep
Preparation is necessary for a concrete driveway. Once cleared of vegetation, wooden forms will be placed along the edges of the site. Followed by a base of compacted gravel, the reason for this effort is to ensure that your driveway will be level and well-drained.

Concrete Mix
The amount of concrete required is determined not only by the length and width you require, but the girth of your slab as well. A crew of experienced concrete workers will spread the mix, reinforce with steel bars or mesh, and finish the surface.

Curing Process
Your concrete driveway will need to go through its curing process (setting up) prior to intended usage. Allow for one week to pass in advance of your driving on the fresh surface. Seal the driveway after one month passes and do not park any large vehicles on it for the same timeframe. During warm weather, spritz the concrete driveway lightly with a hose occasionally to keep it moist.

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