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The Benefits of Concrete Steps for your St Paul Property

Looking for an inexpensive and practical way to add steps or a stairway to the outdoor area on your St. Paul property? Then think about having concrete steps created, as concrete continues to become a popular material for steps. For properties in St. Paul, concrete steps offer the following benefits:


You’ll find concrete steps give you quality at an affordable price. Concrete is more affordable than other materials used in steps construction, making it a budget-friendly choice.

Low maintenance

Since your concrete steps will have a nice, smooth finish, you won’t need to worry too much about maintenance. If you’re concerned about wear and tear, you can apply sealant to the steps, which helps to keep the finish protected, while making sure you have little to do through the years.


Concrete is a tough material, and you’ll find out firsthand with having some of the most durable steps possible. Concrete steps will hold up for years to come, even after being exposed to the elements. Steps need to be tough and able to stand up to regular foot traffic, but that isn’t a problem for concrete steps.

Sound/vibration absorption

Some of the most common materials used to make steps can result in noises or vibrations when stepped on, but that doesn’t happen with concrete steps. Concrete’s thickness and density helps to absorb vibrations and sounds, so you won’t need to be worried about excessive noise and other distractions.

Easy to customize

One of things that many of our St. Paul and other customers love is that concrete steps can be easily customized. Concrete can be molded into different, interesting textures, giving personality to the area. You’ll find that there are various designs available, so you can choose steps that will go with the current design of your space.

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Minneapolis Residents Seeking Concrete Steps

If you are looking to add good looking steps to your home, concrete is the way to go. Wohlwend Concrete is your local Minneapolis concrete steps installer for the job. We provide fast, quality and reliable work. We are reasonably priced concrete contractors, who have been assisting the residents of Minneapolis with all of their concrete needs since 1985. We are committed to the work we do and are excited to take on your next project.

Concrete steps will be the perfect addition to your Minneapolis residence. You are able to customize them, and they are very durable, so you will be able to rely on these sturdy steps for years to come. Increase your curb appeal and rest easy knowing you chose the absolute best product for your new stairs.

Custom Work

You have the ability to customize your concrete steps. You can work with Wohlwend Concrete, your nearby, local Minneapolis concrete steps contractor, to plan a set of steps that works best for you. You are able to determine the number of steps you need and how high you want them.

Some Minneapolis homes may only need a few steps to get up to a door or landing, and others may need a full staircase. Also, you are able to determine the look of your concrete steps. You can get them embellished with stone, brick, stamped or other custom options to create a unique look for your home. Wohlwend Concrete is able to stain and seal the concrete addition to your home, giving it longevity and added protection.


Concrete steps are relatively low maintenance. They can be cleaned off with a broom or a hose. They won’t rot or be home to little critters, like wood steps can be. Also, concrete is a durable, long-lasting product. Concrete can stay intact for 30 to 40 years or longer. It is the ideal choice for constructing steps. As a professional Minneapolis concrete steps expert, Wohlwend Concrete will be able to provide you with these low-maintenance steps usually within a day.

If you’re ready to have concrete steps installed at your Minneapolis residence, call us today at 651-426-2610 or fill out our online form for a Free Estimate.