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Tips from a Concrete Contractor in the Know

His eminence Old Man Winter nearly upon us, the home need be prepared to face its annual slog versus the elements. If you have any last second concrete projects in mind, now would be the ideal time to pursue them! So, if you are searching for a concrete contractor near Eden Prairie, call Wohlwend Concrete!  In honor of our return to snow and ice, Wohlwend Concrete has a few tips to share on tuck-pointing and the de-icing of your existing concrete.

Tuck-pointing, in a nutshell, is the process of repairing the mortar joints existing within stone or brick walls. An experienced masonry contractor, such as Wohlwend Concrete, can perform this sort of task for you. We will first glance upon the brick and mortar to verify whether tuck-pointing is needed. If so, we will grind or rake out old mortar, refilling it with new mortar. Tuck-pointing is a wise move as you will be effectively keeping moisture out of the walls, preventing moisture problems from developing. The life of your wall or chimney will be extended and this effort will also serve as a means of prevention against costly repairs down the road. Once a mortar dependent wall breaks down the lone way to repair it is to tear it all down and build a new one.

The cold temperatures we love bring with them snow and ice storms that wreak havoc on your walkways and other concrete-based bits. There is an art to the de-icing of concrete steps and walkways, so you should prepare your tearful goodbye to rock salt (aka sodium chloride). Rock salt cannot take the blame for the damage that occurs to your concrete, but the constant tug of temperature extremes (rapid heating and subsequent refreezing) can, will and does.

Rather than the cheaper and more popular choice, look for calcium chloride. This blend will not destroy your concrete but will swiftly melt the ice off of your steps and walkways without providing any level of breakdown. Calcium chloride far exceeds sodium chloride in its overall compatibility with Mother Nature. Another blend every bit as efficient and ecological is magnesium chloride. It is an additional environmentally friendly option but is does come with a higher price tag than calcium chloride.

The most important thing to remember when de-icing your concrete steps is that once you put the de-icer on, there is still work to do. You must take the time to remove all of the slushy ice. Taking just a few minutes to shovel clear the steps and walkways of slush and ice will help prevent the destruction of your concrete.

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Create a Sound and Solid Structure Via Masonry Construction

While the idea of earthquakes are not a huge concern and tend to operate as an afterthought for Minnesotans, they are a worthy concern when building an addition or new home. Making a home “earthquake proof” is another means of ensuring that your home is structurally sound overall. Houses and buildings shift over time, movements within their framing and overall structure can lead towards general deterioration of the home, without sound reinforcement.

A simple approach is called for in masonry construction for your Minneapolis or greater Twin Cities area home. The behavior of any building during an earthquake or its general existence over time depends critically on its overall shape, size and geometry. The way an earthquake’s forces are dispersed across and underground will also play into how well your home withstands its rigors. By existing as a built structure with an in-ground foundation, your home is already doing battle against forces underground, shifting over the years. The main objective is to utilize masonry construction as a reinforcement or extra layer of protection that helps further work towards making sure that a structure does not collapse during earthquakes.

An earthquake, of course, is a naturally occurring phenomenon that unfolds frequently with minimal warning, if any at all. Amongst all of its land-based counterparts in the naturally occurring disasters game, earthquakes are the most devastating. Ground motions unfold randomly, in all directions, radiating from the epicenter. Structures in the way of these forces have to deal with the heavy blows thrown at them. All structures in such locations should be designed to ensure stability (earthquake or general functionality).

Masonry consists of assembling a building by laying individual masonry units (brick, concrete, stone, etc). These units are typically laid with mortar, binding them to create the structure. Masonry construction, in addition to helping structurally, can add aesthetic appeal to a home at reasonable prices. Not dissimilar to concrete, masonry tends towards being high in compressive (a material’s resistance to breaking under compression) but is low in tensile strength (a material’s resistance to breaking under tension).

Masonry construction as a means of further solidifying a structure should follow the general rules below:

  • Building configuration should be simple.
  • Formation should be based on solid, steady ground.
  • Structure should be easy and definite.
  • Frame of the building structure should have adequate ductility as well as required strength capacity.
  • Deformations produced in a building should be held to values, which will not provide obstacles to safety use of building.

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Repair or Replace Your Damaged Concrete Sidewalks

Your concrete sidewalks and walkways throughout your property are in disrepair. Chipped, sunken or uneven, these eye sores will continue their general deterioration until something is done to change the path that they are on. Wohlwend Concrete, specialists in all matters concrete, can fix your St Paul concrete sidewalks either through repair or an all-out replacement.

Enduring the wide array of temperatures and precipitation types that come with being a Minnesota resident often leaves concrete sidewalks in a bad way. Sometimes they may be uneven or sunken. Often, in these cases, you may not have to have your sidewalks completely dug up and replaced altogether. Another option—especially with sunken concrete sidewalks—is to simply have the concrete leveled. Sunken concrete sidewalks will continue to sink over time as each season the sunken concrete sidewalks will collect more and more moisture, adding weight. The moisture stays put as a result of soil erosion occurring beneath and between the concrete slab.

Uneven concrete sidewalks create a particularly difficult situation as they pose immediate issues and safety hazards. They also create an eye-sore, doing great damage to the visual appeal of your property.

Both sunken and uneven concrete sidewalks can be repaired swiftly and without costing too much. It is a rare thing—the concrete sidewalk needing to be torn up and replaced. Wohlwend Concrete generally has these types of jobs completed within two days.

Sure, you may have urges to run out to the local hardware or box store to pick up some quick fix concrete to conduct these repairs yourself—this is not recommended. Trusting in and hiring professionals to repair or replace your concrete sidewalks provides a number of benefits. It is estimated by many within the industry that you can save as much as 50% in cost when hiring a professional over carrying out the project yourself.

Wohlwend Concrete can see to it that your sidewalks are available immediately for use after their installation and subsequent drying. Our work is guaranteed—if there are problems with the work we have done, we will fix them. We possess a broad range of methodology and tech that allows us to repair or replace your concrete sidewalks in a fast and efficient manner—all at reasonable prices. You will save time, money and stress.

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Add Some Decorative Concrete To Make Your Home Pop

One way to spice up the look of your property is to add some decorative concrete. It is an inexpensive and durable means of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home and all that immediately surrounds it. Adding decorative concrete to your Edina (or areas nearby) home with fanciful designs will add to the eye-pops that occur from those who pass by your house.

Decorative concrete is perfect for all of your outdoor areas in leading to decks and patios. Below, we offer just a few of the many reasons why adding decorative concrete can be a source of joy at house:

  • Maintenance: A great reason to go with decorative concrete is its durability and low maintenance. A wooden deck will last roughly 15 years, with the proper care which includes annual waterproofing and supporting structure checks to ensure stability. Another common problem with the wooden deck is that it attracts insects like ants, bees and termites. If you were to opt for a decorative concrete deck, all you need is to perform water sealing application every couple of years. Otherwise, routine clean-up will keep your decorative concrete looking great!
  • Price: Concrete, being cheap as compared to other building materials, will last for multiple generations with only simple routine care. If you are pondering the addition of a new deck, walkway, or porch, consider decorative concrete.
  • Stability: Concrete is can handle a lot of weight (think a hot tub). Wooden decks will splinter and get hot. Decorative concrete patios will stay cool and will not burn your bare feet. Another great thing about decorative concrete is that it does not get slippery when wet.
  • Versatility: Concrete is a very malleable, thus it is ideal for stamping decorative designs. Its malleability also means that it can be used in many ways around the home. Stamped decorative concrete can be used for decks, driveways, patios, porches and sidewalks. Designs stamped into concrete will improve the look of your house and add your own sense of style. From short walkways to large pool decks and patios, stamped decorative concrete can reflect your own personal taste that runs through how you decorate your own home.
  • Heat: Decorative concrete does get hot, being exposed to the sun all day. Just how hot depends on the colors involved. You do not have to worry about burning your feet though. Just another bonus of the aesthetic wonderment that will be adding decorative concrete to your home.

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Resurface Your Residential Concrete

Your lower level has probably seen better days. They do tend to get worn and beaten up over time, especially if water in the basement is an issue. Your residential concrete lower level surface will be in need of a revamp or two over time. The professionals at Wohlwend Concrete of greater Minneapolis can certainly help with a residential concrete resurfacing of your basement.

Going the concrete resurfacing route will place a narrow layer of cement strewn superimposition containing bonding agents over your existing concrete. The job can be tedious, something of a headache. Call Wohlwend Concrete to see the job through!

Please enjoy the benefits of concrete resurfacing below:

  • Affordability
    Residential concrete resurfacing is a very affordable means of fixing that lower level floor. It is cheaper in every way over alternatives—labor and material notably—all adding up to an attractive residential concrete resurfacing. The same goes for any concrete that you would need to resurface be it a patio, a driveway, you name it.
  • A Timesaver
    A resurfacing carried out by a professional tends towards leveling out on its own. Smoothing the surface is done with relative ease and in short order. An even distribution covering the entire surface area will solve all issues.
  • Eye-opening

You can do a lot with a fresh layer of concrete. If you want to get all fancy, you certainly implement some level of design into your new residential concrete surface. You can do all sorts of things with it, put patterns in, stamping, even adding color.

  • Prevention
    Current residential concrete resurfacing is done with a blend that is substantially more resistant to breakdown than the blends of the past—certainly more so than the era in which your lower level was laid out.
  • Boost Resale Potential
    A residential concrete resurfacing is a wise choice to make for your home. Should you choose to sell it one day, a nice new surface in your lower level not only passes the test of interested eyes, it adds value—future resurfacing would not have to happen any day soon.

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