Common Masonry Construction Repairs

As a concrete and masonry construction contractor in Roseville, we see our share of needed repairs to masonry and concrete. Here are a few of the most common repairs we do for our customers.

Water Damage

Water can be masonry’s worst enemy, especially during the winter months. Water will get into the masonry, freeze and expand, causing damage to the stone and discoloration. Water penetrates stone that is not properly sealed, and that can cause even more damage in the long run. That’s why hiring us for any masonry construction is so important. Professionals like us know exactly what we are doing and how to properly seal the stone so water and moisture don’t get in there and cause cracks.

Tuck Pointing

This process is when we replace the damaged or deteriorated mortar between concrete, brick or stone. Mortar can deteriorate due to a number of reasons: weather, water and old age are three common factors. Tuck pointing is important to help keep the stone, brick or concrete from cracking and undergoing further damage. Plus, tuck pointing helps with the aesthetics and the overall look of the stone work.


Sometimes, masonry can chip. This usually happens at the corners or along the mortar joint. This usually happens by accident, but sometimes it can also happen because someone who is inexperienced at repairing mortar uses mortar that is too hard. Professionals like the ones here at Wohlwend Concrete know what kind of mortar to use to get the job done right the first time so there is no risk of further chipping or other damage.

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