Concrete Apron St. Paul

Do you need a concrete apron for your home or business in St. Paul? Wohlwend Concrete specializes in all types of concrete construction, including aprons for your garage, driveway or home. These features may not seem like much, but they play an important role, which we will discuss.

Wohlwend concrete garage apron in Minneapolis

For a concrete apron in St. Paul, trust the experts. A concrete apron, also known as an approach, is a section of concrete inserted in one of three places: in front of a garage, around the perimeter of a building, or the entrance to a parking lot or driveway. They provide a smooth gradient between different sections, and they also help divert water.

If you need a concrete apron, or have one that is in disrepair, give us a call at Wohlwend Concrete. We can look at your property and provide a free estimate for the concrete solution for your needs.

Purpose of Concrete Aprons

  1. Concrete aprons provide transitions between different surfaces. This can be between the road and your driveway or between your driveway and garage floor. This provides a smoother drive from the road to your garage. Concrete aprons can also extend around the perimeter of your home or building to transition from the building’s walls and foundation to the landscape.
  2. Another important function of concrete aprons is to divert stormwater. The apron helps divert water away from the garage, bottom of driveway or foundation. This keeps water from pooling in these places and helps prevent water damage.
  3. Lastly, a concrete apron provides visual appeal to a property. Having smooth transitions into and around your home adds aesthetic value. If the apron extends around the home, it can prevent weeds from growing near your home’s foundation.

Concrete aprons, like all concrete construction, are durable and long lasting. Concrete can withstand heavy use. If installed properly a concrete apron should last for decades. However, there may come a time when the concrete cracks or begins to chip. In these instances, Wohlwend can repair or replace the apron as needed.

Like any concrete construction project, it requires skill to get the job done right. We have the tools and experience needed to build a professional concrete apron for your home or business. Don’t waste time and money trying to do it yourself unless you have the necessary experience.

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