Concrete Apron Twin Cities

Have you taken a look at where your driveway meets your garage recently? Maybe you’ve noticed it’s falling into a state of disrepair, but don’t know what it’s called in order to schedule services for it? What you are looking at is called a concrete apron. Concrete aprons extend a few feet out of you garage and act as a transition from the driveway to the garage. This is especially important for asphalt driveways or driveways with a grade that just doesn’t work with the level of your garage.

If you are noticing any damage to your concrete apron in Twin Cities, it’s time to call Wohlwend Concrete, your local experts in all things concrete.

concrete apron twin cities

Concrete aprons are imperative to keep repaired as they protect your foundation and any vehicles driving in or out of your garage. Specifically in cases with asphalt driveways, your driveway can settle over time, leading to differences in grades between your garage and driveway. This can cause damage to vehicles when entering or exiting the garage or can hurt the foundation due to water drainage between where the driveway meets the garage floor.

As soon as you begin to notice any issues with your concrete apron, it’s time to give us a call. We can provide you with a free estimate and even answer any questions you may have about the repair process. If damage is too bad to simply be repaired, we can discuss removing the old apron and installing a new one to keep your vehicles and foundation protected.

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When you choose Wohlwend Concrete, you choose high-quality work, excellent customer service and a local trusted name that understands local laws and regulations. We are proud to service the Twin Cities area for all their concrete needs.

Is it time to install a concrete apron? Contact us today to get started! Our team is happy to sit down with you, answer any questions and start discussing your job. We will talk to you about what style apron you want, your ideal timeline and any budget restrictions you may have so that you get a personalized job tailored to meet your needs.

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