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Concrete Garage Apron Vadnais Heights

Is the condition of your garage and driveway damaged by a poorly installed or old, cracking concrete garage apron? The garage apron is a section of asphalt or concrete that extends a few feet out from your garage. Garage aprons act as a transition between your garage and your driveway and help direct water away from your home. When old or damaged it can cause cracks, gaps, erosion, sinkholes, or heaving. If you notice damage like this then it may be time for concrete garage apron repair or replacement. And, it is important to have any issues corrected in order to prevent them from progressing any further.

The concrete garage apron area can be very susceptible to damage if it has not been constructed correctly in the first place or if it does not seal properly. Luckily, the experts at Wohlwend Concrete are here to help. We can provide professional, quality replacement of your concrete garage apron at your Vadnais Heights home or business. We have many years of experience with these and know how to install one that is strong, long lasting and looks fantastic too.

Interested in a better functioning concrete garage apron for your home? Call us today to learn more or to get on our schedule. We can answer your questions and provide you with a free quote on your new concrete garage apron.

Wohlwend Concrete Garage Apron

When it’s time to invest in important repairs like a new concrete garage apron, only trust the experts at Wohlwend Concrete. We have been in business since 1985 and over the decades we’ve remained one of the most trusted and reliable names in concrete construction in the Twin Cities area. We are locally owned and operated and our owner personally visits every job site he can in order to ensure work is being done according to plan. Your approval is our top priority, which is why we use proven concrete construction practices to make sure the job we do is not only up to code, but is nothing less than the most excellent quality.

Notice cracking, damage or even an absence of an apron? Give the experts a call right away for dependable service. We offer free estimates on concrete garage aprons and driveways. Call us to find out more and to get on our schedule!

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