Dos & Don’ts of Protecting Your Driveway This Winter

A concrete driveway is a great-looking and safe surface for traffic going in and out of the garage all year long. During the winter, however, ice can freeze on surfaces outside the home and create some slick situations.

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When it comes to maintaining a safe driveway this winter, there are some right ways and wrong ways to go about it. At Wohlwend Concrete, we know everything there is to know about the concrete driveway and concrete apron in Minneapolis and are here to give you the Dos and Don’ts of winter concrete care. 

  • Do keep your driveway clear. First, start winter with a clean driveway, cleared away of debris, leaves, and twigs from the driveway and concrete apron. This will make future driveway management easier.
  • Do check the condition of your driveway’s concrete apron. The concrete apron is there to help drain water away from your home’s foundation. So before the big snow hits, make sure your driveway’s concrete apron is in tip-top shape, so it can do its job. Need to replace your concrete apron? Many experts recommend concrete for its durability. For instance, if the apron will be exposed to traffic, or if you expect harsh weather, the concrete will hold up to these pressures more effectively.
  • Don’t use corrosive rock salt. Many people choose to apply rock salt to their driveways to melt the ice, but these salts can cause concrete to become damaged over time. Using salt to melt ice on a regular basis pits the cement used for our walkways, steps and other concreted areas. Once the cement pits, it will eventually crack or cause potholes. Additionally, the residue of salt that is left behind can damage concrete, pavers, lawns, wood, and decking. It can also be tracked inside to damage floor coverings and wooden floors.
  • Do shovel. The best way to remove ice and snow from your steps or driveway is to use a shovel. It’s a good idea to shovel or clear away snow after it falls and not wait for multiple snowfalls to build up on top of each other. 
  • Do use safe ice melt alternatives. Many times shoveling the snow just isn’t enough and an ice layer can be left behind. Therefore, you will need to use other methods to break up, melt or gain traction on the ice. There is a safe alternative to using salt that will not cause damage to your concrete surfaces; salt-free ice removal. Pet-safe snow removal products made of crystalline amide core infused with glycols provide a non-corrosive structure that’s safe enough for concrete. 

And these are just some of the dos and don’ts of winter concrete care. Are you interested in getting some more information about protecting your concrete driveway or concrete apron in Minneapolis? Give Wohlwend Concrete a call at 651-426-2610 or Request a Free Quote.