FAQs about Concrete Steps

Wohlwend Concrete installs concrete steps in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, and we are often asked the same questions about them before, during and after the installation process. So, we thought we would take the time to go over the ones we hear the most.

Q: How long do concrete steps last?

A: When installed properly and with basic care and maintenance, your concrete steps could last several decades. They will need some regular care and maintenance, but these tasks are generally easy to take care of. Just make sure they are swept on a regular basis. You should also hose them down with water and use a concrete cleaner on them.

Q: How long should I wait to walk on my new concrete steps?

A: The time it takes for your new concrete steps to cure will mostly depend on weather conditions. But most of the time we recommend that you wait at least 24 hours or more before you walk on them. However, we will tell you how long to wait after we are done installing them.

Q: Why should I avoid using de-icers and salt on my concrete steps, and how should I de-ice them instead?

A: The best type of de-icer to use on your concrete steps is calcium chloride. It works quickly to melt the ice off of your concrete steps, but it will not destroy the steps either. Plus, calcium chloride is more eco-friendly than just about any other de-icer on the market today. After the de-icer is on your concrete steps, be sure to remove all of the slushy ice from them. This can help extend the life of your concrete steps. You can also use plain sand to make your concrete steps safe to walk on.

Q: What sets you apart from the competition when it comes to installing concrete steps?

A: We take great care to pay attention to the smallest of details when we install your concrete steps. We keep our prices fair and reasonable, and we treat all of our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy.

We hope you found the answers to the questions you have about concrete steps, but if you have one that wasn’t covered here, please feel free to call us!

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