Fun Facts About Concrete

As one of the best builders of concrete steps in Edina, we’ve learned a few things over the years about concrete. Here is a list of a few of our favorite fun concrete facts!

  • The oldest piece of concrete in the world was discovered in Israel in the 1960s. It is 12 million years old!
  • The Ancient Egyptians used concrete as an infill material when building the Giza Necropolis pyramids. (Funny to think the same material we use to build concrete steps was also used to build some of the pyramids!)
  • The Pantheon’s dome is the largest not reinforced concrete dome in the world, and it was built in 120 AD.
  • The first tensile and compressive strength tests took place in Germany in 1836. Tensile refers to concrete’s ability to resist tension. Compressive means concrete’s ability to resist compression. These two things are expressed in PSI, which means pounds per square inch. Knowing the levels of PSI concrete can withstand helps in building concrete steps!
  • The Alvord Lake Bridge was the first reinforced concrete bridge. It was built in San Francisco in 1889 and it still stands today.
  • In Baltimore, Maryland, in 1913, the first load of ready-mix concrete was delivered. This helped to revolutionize the concrete industry. (And it makes our job of building concrete steps much easier!)
  • L.M. Scofield was the first company to produce colored concrete.
  • The Hoover Dam was completed in 1936 and was the largest scale concrete project ever done up to that point. It is on the Colorado River bordering Arizona and Nevada.
  • Decorative concrete was developed in the 1950s by Brad Bowman.
  • Assembly Hall at the University of Illinois was the first concrete domed sports arena and was built in 1963.

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