Holiday Decorating and Decorative Concrete

The holiday season is here and for many that means events and decorating are in full swing! While you are already decorating your home, inside and outside – are you reconsidering the look of your plain concrete? If you want something a little more exciting to match your style, consider decorative concrete in the Twin Cities area!

With everything else in your home available for personalization, from wall colors to flooring to decorative choices – why shouldn’t you be able to incorporate your personal style into your concrete as well? At Wohlwend Concrete we offer a wide range of decorative concrete! From classic styles like weathered wood and random cobblestone to some of the latest trends like English Yorkstone and flaming sun patterns – we can customize the look of your concrete to match your aesthetics!

Plus, we can stain your concrete in different colors as well. If traditional gray isn’t your style, talk to us about what color you desire and we will work with you to find the best option!

No longer does decorating have to exclude your concrete. We can install decorative concrete for your patios, walkways, driveways and more!

Concrete Patio Steps St Paul

While you are out hanging lights or adding decorations to your lawn, take a good look at your concrete. Is there a style that you have seen somewhere else that you would prefer? Or maybe the color doesn’t match your color scheme anymore? No matter what changes you want, we can remove your old concrete and replace it with new, decorative concrete to match your taste.

Or, if you don’t already have concrete, we can install a concrete patio, walkway, driveway, steps or more! Concrete is a great choice for Minnesota, as it is durable and reasonably priced. Plus, as trusted experts in concrete, we understand how to best install your new decorative concrete to last for years. And, we perform repairs and sealings – so you never have to trust a different company to maintain your dream concrete.

No matter what design or color combination you have dreamt of – we at Wohlwend Concrete can make it a reality. So this holiday season, consider concrete as another piece of your decorations. Let your concrete show off your style just as the paint on your home and decorations do!

Are you ready to expand your decorations to include your concrete? Call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or contact us for decorative concrete in the Twin Cities area this winter!