How They’re Made: Concrete Steps

One of the more interesting aspects of our work here at Wohlwend Concrete is the process of building concrete steps for Twin Cities homes.

The first step in building concrete steps involves a lot of math! We have to calculate how tall and wide each step must be to go from the ground to the doorway. You should consider how many steps you want too. For the height, we divide the height by the number of steps you want. For the width, we usually want a girth of at least 6 inches wider than the door, and in general, the wider your staircase, the easier it is to walk up the concrete steps.

We want to be sure we are building on top of footings or post footings. This way we are building according to local and city codes.

The form panels are then built and assembled, and then the concrete steps are reinforced (usually with steel) so the lifespan of the concrete steps is increased and the steps themselves are better supported.

The concrete steps are then installed and braced. Finally, the concrete is poured into the panels and various finishing touches are added, like curving the edges, which means making them round. We can then add stone to the side of the steps that will enhance the steps’ look and make them look more decorative and nicer to look at.

When the concrete has hardened, the stair riser boards are removed and any remaining imperfections are fixed or smoothed over.

There are your concrete steps!

And when you’re ready to have concrete steps installed at your Twin Cities home, call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or get a Free Quote Request.