Improving Your Entryway with Concrete Step Replacement

The winter will soon be here and with it comes ice, snow and slippery surfaces. And with all the icy hazards, crumbling stairs and sidewalks only make your entryway all the more treacherous. Over time, the front stairs at your home or business may need to be replaced for a number of reasons including heavy foot traffic, natural events, age and accidents. When there comes a time for concrete step replacement, St. Paul residents trust Wohlwend Concrete for all of their concrete repair and replacement needs. We have years of experience replacing and repairing concrete stairs and can get you new, beautiful and safer steps for your home or business. 

concrete step replacement St Paul

One of the first things visitors notice as they’re walking up to the door is the look and stability of the steps they climb; this can be especially true in winter. Cracked, crumbling steps can even prevent or delay the sale of a property That is why it is so essential to repair or replace old, outdated or poorly constructed steps as soon as you notice wear.

If you are looking for a material for your steps that looks great and is also easy to maintain, then concrete is your best bet. Your new steps need to be tough and able to stand up to regular foot traffic and concrete offers that durability. Concrete is a tough material and you’ll find it offers some of the most durable steps possible. Your concrete step replacement will also hold up for years to come, even after being exposed to the elements.

Speaking of the elements, it is important to keep your steps shoveled and clear to avoid any damage to them. It is also important to use safe ice melt alternatives to corrosive rock salt. There is a safe alternative to using salt that will not cause damage to your concrete surfaces; salt-free ice removal. Pet-safe snow removal products made of a core of crystalline amide infused with glycols provide a non-corrosive structure that’s safe enough for concrete.

So, if your property has old, crumbling steps, it is important to schedule concrete step replacement as soon as possible. You can even take this as an opportunity to install, new customized steps. Concrete can be molded into different, interesting textures, giving personality to the area. You’ll find that there are various designs available, so you can choose steps that will go with the current design of your home or business’ exterior.

Let’s get started as soon as possible! For more information about concrete step replacement at your St. Paul property, call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or Request a Free Quote.