Is Cracking Concrete Affecting the Look of Your Minneapolis Business?


A professional business appearance isn’t just tied to what you wear or what kind of furniture you have in your office. It’s displayed outside your commercial building, too, where the condition of your concrete curbs, sidewalks, walkways, and other concrete structures can speak to the condition of your business. Keeping your concrete in good shape, and adding stamped patterns or other decorative touches can go a long way in helping your Minneapolis business look more professional.

Since 1985, Wohlwend Concrete has been providing commercial clients in Minneapolis with quality concrete and masonry work. From the little details, like steps and curbs, to more noticeable features, like patios and poured walls, Wohlwend is committed to making commercial properties more beautiful.

Why choose Wohlwend Concrete? For 29+ years, we’ve been a locally owned and operated business, with our headquarters in White Bear Lake MN. We focus on completing commercial concrete projects in Minneapolis at a reasonable cost, and with a quick turnaround time. Most importantly, we make you a part of the process. You’re constantly updated as we make our way through the project, and made aware of everything we need to do to complete the job correctly.

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