Repair or Replace Your Damaged Concrete Sidewalks

Your concrete sidewalks and walkways throughout your property are in disrepair. Chipped, sunken or uneven, these eyesores will continue their general deterioration until something is done to change the path that they are on. Wohlwend Concrete, specialists in all matters concrete, can fix your St. Paul concrete sidewalks either through repair or an all-out replacement.

Enduring the wide array of temperatures and precipitation types that come with being a Minnesota resident often leaves concrete sidewalks in a bad way. Sometimes they may be uneven or sunken. Often, in these cases, you may not have to have your sidewalks completely dug up and replaced altogether. Another option—especially with sunken concrete sidewalks—is to simply have the concrete leveled. Sunken concrete sidewalks will continue to sink over time as each season the sunken concrete sidewalks will collect more and more moisture, adding weight. The moisture stays put as a result of soil erosion occurring beneath and between the concrete slab.

Uneven concrete sidewalks create a particularly difficult situation as they pose immediate issues and safety hazards. They also create an eye-sore, doing great damage to the visual appeal of your property.

Both sunken and uneven concrete sidewalks can be repaired swiftly and without costing too much. It is a rare thing—the concrete sidewalk needing to be torn up and replaced. Wohlwend Concrete generally has these types of jobs completed within two days.

Sure, you may have urges to run out to the local hardware or box store to pick up some quick fix concrete to conduct these repairs yourself—this is not recommended. Trusting in and hiring professionals to repair or replace your concrete sidewalks provides a number of benefits. It is estimated by many within the industry that you can save as much as 50% in cost when hiring a professional over carrying out the project yourself.

Wohlwend Concrete can see to it that your sidewalks are available immediately for use after their installation and subsequent drying. Our work is guaranteed—if there are problems with the work we have done, we will fix them. We possess a broad range of methodology and tech that allows us to repair or replace your concrete sidewalks in a fast and efficient manner—all at reasonable prices. You will save time, money and stress.

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