Schedule Your Concrete Garage Apron Repair Before Winter

Minnesota is home to some harsh winter weather. If your concrete isn’t protected, water can seep into cracks. The freeze/thaw cycle of water can cause even further damage to your concrete throughout the winter. That’s part of why it is so imperative that you make sure your concrete garage apron in Minneapolis is protected before winter hits.

A concrete garage apron is an important feature of a driveway and garage as it provides a gradual slope into the garage, allowing your car to enter without damage and providing visual distinction between the driveway and garage. Your concrete garage apron is a great way to show off your aesthetics before anyone even steps foot in your home.

concrete garage apron Minneapolis

This important driveway feature is subject to the harsh conditions all winter long, so it’s best to make sure that any repairs are taken care of prior to the first snowfall. Once winter begins, outdoor concrete repairs become more difficult as the temperature impacts concrete’s ability to cure and settle properly.

If repairs have been pushed off for too long, it may even be time to completely replace your concrete garage apron. Don’t worry though! Wohlwend Concrete can help with full replacements or repairs of your concrete garage apron.

Beyond just providing a gradual slope into the garage to protect your car, the concrete garage apron serves as a ramp away from your home and foundation for rainwater and snowmelt. A damaged concrete garage apron could let water seep into your foundation, causing much bigger issues as this year’s accumulation of snowfall melts.

Additionally, your concrete garage apron can help to protect both your garage floor and driveway. As the two surfaces likely have different subgrades, the transition of a concrete garage apron can keep them apart, allowing them to each experience their own freeze-thaw cycles without damaging the other.

The best way to prepare for this winter is to call Wohlwend Concrete to make sure your concrete is ready for the harsh conditions. From resealing to repairing, replacements to new installations – Wohlwend Concrete can handle all of your concrete work. Concrete garage aprons assist in protecting your car, your property, your garage and your driveway. Don’t ignore such an important feature this fall while preparing your home for winter.

Has your Minneapolis concrete garage apron seen better days? Call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or contact us for concrete garage apron repairs and replacements this fall!