5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Concrete Patio Steps

Concrete is anything but boring, however, people still think that concrete patio steps are stuck looking gray and dull. Luckily, at Wohlwend Concrete we are experts in concrete patio steps in Minneapolis and we can help you spruce up your concrete patio steps to make them match your aesthetic!

Whether you choose to spruce up your current concrete patio steps or desire to replace them to better fit your dream patio, we are here to help!

1. Incorporate Stonework

Did you know that we work with more than just concrete? We also do masonry and stonework projects. That means that you can combine our two specialties to have a completely unique set of concrete patio stairs! If you want to change things up and add varying textures, we can incorporate stonework into your steps!

concrete patio steps incorporating stonework in Minneapolis

2. Add Color

When you think of concrete, are you one of many who pictures a dull, gray slab? Instead – try imagining stained concrete! While sealing your concrete patio steps, we can also stain it, brightening up the space to match your home and desired patio vibes!

3. Stamp in Patterns

Not only can we incorporate color and stones, but we can also add texture and patterns to the concrete itself! With everything from random cobblestone to English Yorkstone and a variety of patterns in between, we can make your concrete steps stand out and complement the rest of your patio design.

4. Decorate with Flower Pots

Once your concrete patio steps are installed, you can still find new ways to spruce them up! From spring through fall, you can add pops of color with flower pots. With endless possibilities for flowers and pots, you can truly customize the décor style of your concrete patio steps! Just be sure to avoid vining plants and to place the flower pots in a location on the step where they don’t add a fall hazard!

5. Light Them Up

Finally, if you plan on enjoying summer evenings out on your patio, consider sprucing up your patio steps with lights! Not only does it increase the ambience, but it also promotes safety as guests and residents alike can easily see as they walk up or down the steps at night!

Are you ready to see how we can help you spruce up your concrete patio steps in Minneapolis and the surrounding Twin Cities area? Call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or contact us to get your project scheduled! k