Stamped Concrete That Defies the Rigors of Time

So you have just had the walkway that surrounds your house redone with concrete. Into this new walkway you have had fancy designs containing an elaborate representation of your family crest imprinted in the form of stamped concrete. The elegance meter of your property has gone from average to high as a result of this effort. Now that that work is done, how do you intend on preserving it so that it lasts for years or decades in relatively the same state that you find it now?

Wohlwend Concrete, contractors expert in all in things stamped concrete to the Edina area, are often asked if sealing stamped concrete is a requirement or if it is even a necessary effort to make. Well, yes is the answer, you will want to have your stamped concrete sealed. Concrete, by nature, is a porous material that without any level of effort brings in and hangs onto water and chemicals. When you seal your concrete, it helps guarantee that it will better handle the elements that a Minnesota winter (among other seasons) will throw at it (them).

Since you hired us to conduct your concrete stamping, the process does not have to stop at the installation of that stamped concrete. We offer a sealing service that will help your stamped concrete maintain its aesthetic for many years. The act of sealing your stamped concrete prevents the penetration of oils, stains, chemicals that de-ice and other similar contaminants.

The greatest enemy of any concrete, especially that chunk which is stamped, are the effects of weathering. Sealing stamped concrete helps to protect it from abrasion and wear, especially important with the winter months that lie immediately ahead. The weather itself breeds the need to remove accumulated precipitation from your stamped concrete. Salt and other de-icers wear down concrete if you do not stay involved in the de-icing after melting occurs. Once the ice turns to slush and salt and other chemical elements are left within in that gloopy mass, you have to shovel it away.

Sealing your stamped concrete also will make it pop. Colors will be intensified and the overall design will be far more pleasing to any eyes laid up it. You can also add sheen to the surface of the concrete. The sheens range from satin to high gloss and everything in between.

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