‘Tis the Season for Tuck Pointing

Recently buy a brick home? Has someone recently mentioned tuck pointing for their chimney? Or are you simply just looking for information about tuck pointing services in the area? As the expert masonry contractor for White Bear Lake and the surrounding areas, we’d like to tell you more about tuck pointing and why now is such an important time to have it taken care of.masonry contractor white bear lake

Does your home have a beautiful brick chimney or other brick feature that brings style and value to your property? Then you must also be aware it requires care and repair every once in a while. After all, the harsh weather conditions of a Minnesota winter can really wreak havoc on the mortar. Moisture, over time, can damage the masonry and cause weakened mortar joints. Tuck pointing is the process which stops the destructive process and provides numerous other benefits.

While it is true that the bricks themselves can last for over a century, the mortar in between them has a far shorter lifespan. And when these mortar joints become damaged with cracking and crumbling, the most cost-effective solution to repair these affected areas is tuck pointing.

Tuck pointing is no do-it-yourself project and must be performed by a seasoned masonry contractor such as Wohlwend Concrete. Otherwise, the mortar could deteriorate to the point that the chimney or other brick work collapses, which makes a complete rebuild necessary. So, if you notice damage, it is important to contact your trusted masonry contractor as soon as possible.

The basic idea behind tuck pointing is that the damaged mortar is removed and is replaced with fresh mortar. With tuck pointing, you can enjoy structural stability as well as new aesthetic beauty for your home or business. Also, the value of your home is improved when the masonry is in top condition. Tuck pointing is also far more cost-effective than a complete tear-down and rebuild. The procedure allows you to avoid the expense of completely replacing the structure while enjoying all the aesthetic and structural benefits.

So be sure to look at any brick or stonework you have at your house and if you see any issues give the trusted masonry contractor for White Bear Lake a call; Wohlwend Concrete. This season, give yourself the gift of beautiful brick! You can reach us at (651) 426-2610 or visit our website and get a free quote.