Trends in Decorative Concrete

With decades of history, decorative concrete has transformed over the years, including many products and methods that seem to continually improve over time. The trends in decorative concrete that we are seeing now are no exception to the rule and include a variety of beautiful designs suited for both commercial and residential applications. As experts in decorative concrete for Minneapolis, we would like to tell you more about the current trends in concrete and help you find the perfect look for your unique home or business.

A variety of these different trends in concrete produce eye-catching results. And, decorative concrete won’t sacrifice the sustainability and resilience you require. They are durable as they are beautiful!


This has been for some time, and continues to be, a huge trend in concrete. Stamped concrete offers a variety of surfaces and styles that have a finished yet natural charm. Stamped concrete can offer the look of cobblestone without the major expense and strenuous upkeep. Stamped concrete can even offer the look of weathered wood and English Yorkstone among others. Match your stamped decorative concrete easily with the style of your home; from classic to modern. Have a French-inspired cottage? Cobblestone is the way to go. Have a more modern estate? A wood look may be the choice for you.

Stamped Concrete MinnesotaStaining

For about a decade, stained concrete has made a huge impact on the design scene. Stained concrete offers a unique, high end look for both outdoor and indoor applications and offers a variety of options for homeowners and business owners alike.


As more and more homeowners are incorporating outdoor living spaces into their residential design, stamped concrete installers are starting to offer expanded services to create multifunctional outdoor living spaces that include kitchen floors, countertops, walls and more.


Hands down, polished concrete is one of the fastest-growing styles of decorative concrete out there, especially in the commercial realm. It lends itself well to modern, minimalist design and offers, unsurprisingly, a polished finish to a space. Polished decorative concrete also melds well with many current design trends. And, since polished concrete is reflective, it can diminish the need for an abundance of artificial light.

Sealing your decorative concrete can also will make it pop. Colors will be intensified and the overall design will be far more pleasing to any eyes laid up it. You can also add sheen to the surface of the concrete. The sheens range from satin to high gloss and everything in between.

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