Types of Masonry Construction Projects

As a premier provider of concrete and masonry construction in Vadnais Heights, Wohlwend Concrete recognizes the transformative power of masonry construction in enhancing your home. Beyond traditional home construction, masonry techniques are instrumental in creating functional and visually striking outdoor features that elevate the beauty and functionality of residential properties. Our masonry construction projects run the gamut, including the following project types!

masonry project - stone wall around archway for door

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are not only functional elements of a home but also architectural focal points that add character and charm to outdoor living spaces. However, over time, chimneys can deteriorate due to exposure to the elements and structural wear and tear. Masonry construction offers an ideal solution for chimney repairs, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s repairing cracked bricks, replacing damaged mortar or rebuilding entire chimney stacks, Wohlwend Concrete’s expertise in masonry restoration ensures that chimneys are restored to their former glory, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.

Brick and Block Work for Interior Walls

In addition to its exterior applications, masonry construction plays a vital role in interior design, particularly for creating durable and visually appealing walls. Brick and block work for interior walls add a touch of rustic elegance and timeless charm to indoor spaces while providing excellent sound insulation and thermal mass properties. Whether it’s accent walls, partition walls or fireplace surrounds, Wohlwend Concrete’s craftsmanship in brick and block work transforms ordinary interiors into inviting and functional living spaces.

Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing is a specialized masonry technique used to repair and enhance the appearance of mortar joints in brick or stone structures. Over time, mortar joints can deteriorate due to weathering, causing them to crack or crumble. Tuck pointing involves removing deteriorated mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar, meticulously shaped and colored to match the existing joints. This not only strengthens the structure but also rejuvenates its appearance, giving it a clean and polished finish. Wohlwend Concrete’s proficiency in tuck pointing ensures seamless repairs that blend seamlessly with the original masonry, preserving the integrity and aesthetics of outdoor features.

Trash Enclosures

While often overlooked, trash enclosures are essential elements of outdoor spaces, providing a discreet and functional solution for waste management. Masonry construction offers a durable and customizable option for constructing trash enclosures that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape. Whether it’s a simple brick enclosure or a more elaborate stone-clad structure, Wohlwend Concrete’s expertise in masonry construction ensures that trash enclosures are not only practical but also visually appealing additions to residential properties.

In conclusion, masonry construction offers a versatile and durable solution for enhancing outdoor features and creating inviting living spaces. From chimney repairs and interior walls to tuck pointing and trash enclosures, Wohlwend Concrete’s mastery of masonry techniques ensures that every project is executed with precision and excellence, adding value and beauty to residential properties for years to come.

Are you looking for any of the above masonry projects or even another type not discussed? We are happy to help with any masonry construction projects in Vadnais Heights or the surrounding Twin Cities area! Call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or contact us to ask any questions you may have about masonry.