What Your Sidewalk Says About You

What do your sidewalks and walkways say about your property? When the concrete sidewalks and walkways throughout your property are in disrepair; chipped, sunken or uneven, this can speak volumes. While you may put a lot of hard work and effort into your landscaping, building and property in general, if your concrete sidewalks are broken and uneven, all of this hard work could be in vain. And, this eye-catching eyesore will even continue its general deterioration until something is done to change that. At Wohlwend Concrete, we are specialists in all matters concrete and can fix your Golden Valley area concrete sidewalks either through repair or an all-out replacement. And as experts in concrete sidewalks, we’d like to speak more on what makes this particular repair so essential.

Commercial Concrete Walkway MN

The state of your concrete sidewalks not only influences the appearance of your property and how it’s perceived, but its overall safety as well. Uneven or broken concrete can be a significant hazard for both homeowners and business owners alike. Uneven sidewalks, steps and walkways are all tripping hazards that can end up causing harm to those walking upon them and those responsible for them. Depending on what kind of issue you have in your home or place of business, having these kinds of conditions can become costly if not addressed.

A professional in concrete sidewalks from Wohlwend knows just what to look for to address this issue and fix it as soon as possible. We will ensure the soil is properly compacted, and then start the repairs to level out an uneven concrete service.

What many homeowners and business owners don’t realize is that in many cases, uneven concrete sidewalks, stairs, walkways and patios don’t require the entire area to be ripped out and replaced. Both sunken and uneven concrete sidewalks can be repaired swiftly and without costing too much. It is rare that a sidewalk needs to be completely torn up and replaced. Wohlwend Concrete generally has these types of jobs completed within two days.

A warning: you may want to run out to the local hardware or box store to pick up some quick fix concrete to conduct these repairs yourself. However, this is not recommended. Trusting in and hiring professionals to repair or replace your concrete sidewalks provides a number of benefits. When you hire us to fix your concrete sidewalks, we will repair or replace them in a fast and efficient manner and at a reasonable price.

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