Winter Concrete Driveway Care

Winter weather is rough on many things, including your concrete driveway. We want to provide some tips to protect your concrete this winter season.

Keep Driveway Clear

It’s important to remove any debris, leaves, twigs, etc. from your driveway regularly. This will keep any debris from causing damage to the concrete.

Shovel Snow

Keep snow cleared off the driveway. You should shovel immediately after it snows to prevent ice and water buildup.

Avoid Rock Salt

Salt can damage concrete driveways over time, causing pits and cracks. It’s best for your concrete to avoid it.

Use Ice Melt Alternatives

There are salt-free ice removal products that won’t damage your concrete. You can also use gravel or sand to provide traction.

Winter Driveway Care

If you have questions on how to best care for your concrete driveway this winter, call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or contact us.