Garage Apron Repairs & Replacement: A Lesser Known Essential

Here at Wohlwend Concrete, we are experts in all things concrete. We have experience in a wide variety of masonry and concrete projects for both residential and commercial clients. And, one of the most common, not to mention important repairs, has got to be the joint between the garage and the driveway; the garage apron. If you’ve ever experienced issues with yours, you know it isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. That’s why, here at Wohlwend Concrete, we are here to make the professional, lasting repairs needed for a dependable concrete garage apron for your Twin Cities home. 

Wohlwend concrete garage apron

Why do damages to the garage apron occur in the first place? The garage apron can be susceptible to damage if it has not been constructed correctly in the first place or if it does not seal properly. That’s why we take this project so seriously and ensure the best possible construction for every concrete garage apron we install. 

When driveways are installed up to the edge of the garage floor, settling occurs due to water drainage between the floor and the driveway. This over time, causes deterioration of the foundation support blocks under the floor which can lead to a more serious problem. So, when you notice the absence of an apron or an issue with your existing concrete garage apron, it is important to schedule the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

What do damages to the concrete garage apron look like? Have you noticed cracks, gaps, erosion, sinkholes, or heaving around your old driveway joint? If so, then it may be time for concrete garage apron repair or replacement. 

Who should you hire to make these repairs? Your garage apron is a delicate part of your driveway that should only be repaired by the experts. Don’t fall into the trap of hiring a repair company that has minimal experience tackling these difficult repair jobs. Instead, partner with the professionals at Wohlwend Concrete with the experience necessary to install for you a dependable concrete garage apron.

Concrete is the perfect material for a variety of projects and is especially great for outdoor applications like these. As the weather warms up, it increasingly becomes a great time of year to install a new long lasting concrete garage apron. So, don’t put off this essential service any longer! If there is noticeable damage to where your driveway and garage floor come together, give us a call for concrete garage apron repair. 

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