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Decorative Concrete Techniques to Consider for Your Next Patio Project

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! Is your backyard ready for cookouts and afternoons outside? If you’re planning a patio installation project, there are several factors to take into consideration. First, what would you like it to look like? Don’t settle for crumbling pavers when you could install a lasting concrete patio that looks fantastic. Here at Wohlwend Concrete, we specialize in stamped concrete for Golden Valley and the surrounding areas, and we are excited to tell you more about stamped concrete and all it can do for your upcoming project. 

stamped concrete patio Golden Valley

Stamped concrete is a fantastic option that allows a little creativity in the design of your backyard space. Concrete isn’t the material of the past, it has evolved over the years, offering many products and methods that seem to continually improve over time. And, decorative concrete won’t sacrifice the sustainability and resilience you require. It’s as durable as it is great looking. 

Stamped concrete offers a variety of surfaces and styles for a polished, professional and unique finish. Whatever style you’re looking for from classic cobblestone to sleek and modern, there is an option in stamped concrete for you. Stamped concrete offers big looks without the major expense and strenuous upkeep. It can even offer different patterns including European fan, flaming sun, weathered wood, English Yorkstone and so much more. Match your stamped decorative concrete with the style of your home. Mid-Century? Consider flaming sun. Have a classic farmhouse? Cobblestone is the way to go. 

Whichever style you choose, it will look fantastic for years to come. Decorative stamped concrete, being a better value when compared to other building materials, will last for multiple generations with only simple routine care. Are you ready to stop daydreaming and make your backyard patio a reality this summer? Do you have even bigger aspirations? Don’t stop there! Concrete is very malleable and is ideal for a variety of stamped decorative designs. Its malleability also means that it can be used in many ways around the home. Stamped decorative concrete can be used for decks, driveways, patios, porches, sidewalks and more. Designs stamped into concrete will improve the look of your house and add your own sense of style.

To learn more about options in stamped concrete for your Golden Valley area home, call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or you can contact us for a Free Quote.

Make Sure Concrete Step Repair is on Your Spring To-Do List

Here in Minnesota, one thing we can be sure of is the weather – and a lot of it. In every season we can expect harsh conditions of every degree. Years of rain, wind, hail, heat, snow and sun all wreak havoc on anything residing outdoors. After a long and arduous winter, the spring season is the time of year to tackle any necessary repairs outdoors to get your property in tip-top shape again. One such task is concrete step repair. St. Paul area residents trust Wohlwend Concrete for all of their concrete repair, replacement and construction and step repair is no exception. We specialize in concrete step repair for St. Paul and the surrounding areas and can help make your property a safer one. We have years of experience replacing and repairing concrete stairs and can get you new, beautiful and safe steps for your home or business. 

concrete step repair St Paul

When it comes to the steps at your home or property, it is important to never allow them to become unsafe and in disrepair. If your steps are “getting up there,” are crumbling or cracked, be sure to add concrete step repair to your spring to-do list. 

This spring and summer will likely continue to be a seller’s market. If you’re thinking about selling your home, steps are a major part of the home inspection. Unsafe or uneven steps can pose a variety of dangers and cause unwanted accidents as well as prevent your home from passing inspection.

Your home or business property’s steps must be tough enough to withstand regular foot traffic, and concrete steps offer that lasting durability. Concrete is a tough material and you’ll find it offers some of the most durable steps possible. Your concrete step replacement will also hold up for years to come, even after being exposed to the elements. So, when your steps could use some TLC, concrete is the way to go.

Will you be including concrete step repair in your spring to-do list this year? Allow the professionals at Wohlwend Concrete to help you get started. To get more information about the kind of work we do or about concrete step repair for your St. Paul area property, call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or request a free quote.

Benefits of Installing New Concrete Patio Steps

Whether you’re planning on building a new patio or updating an old one, concrete patio steps are a great way to make your property safer and more attractive. Here at Wohlwend Concrete, we build new concrete patio steps for White Bear Lake and the surrounding areas and we look forward to telling you about their many benefits. 

First of all, cracked and crumbling poorly installed stairs can pose a multitude of safety issues. And, when it comes time to sell your home, they can even prevent or delay a sale. That is why it is so important you replace any broken steps as soon as you notice a problem and/or install proper ones with a trusted contractor. 

concrete patio steps White Bear Lake

If your patio is older with old, crumbling steps like ones made of brick or wood, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. And, if you’re looking for a material for your steps that looks great  and is also easy to maintain, concrete is the answer. Steps need to be tough enough to stand up to weather and foot traffic but also be aesthetically pleasing. Concrete patio steps offer durability to stand the test of time, even after being exposed to the elements. Not to mention, sleek new concrete patio steps also look fantastic. They offer a sleek finish for your outdoor living space that can be customized to meet the unique style of your property. 

Concrete can be molded into different, interesting textures, offering personality and style wherever they are installed. You’ll find that there are various designs available so you can easily find steps that go with the design of your patio. 

Concrete patio steps are also affordable. When you’re looking for fantastic style at an affordable price; concrete offers many great options. Concrete patio steps can not only offer impressive looks, but they are more affordable than those made from other materials making them a great budget-friendly choice. 

Ready to learn more? At Wohlwend Concrete we install concrete patio steps for both residential and commercial properties and we look forward to building your ideal steps! We are dedicated to supplying the best possible workmanship and reliable service you deserve for your home or business. 

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Why is a Concrete Garage Apron Important & How Can I Protect it This Winter?

With winter arriving in Minnesota, we thought we would cover an important part of your driveway that’s often overlooked, the concrete apron. The concrete garage apron is the concrete slab in front of the garage door. The apron is usually between 3 to 5 feet wide and runs the entire width of the driveway and the garage door. If you are in need of a concrete apron for your White Bear Lake area home, Wohlwend Concrete is here to supply it. As the trusted name in concrete, we are here to tell you more about the importance of a concrete garage apron and how to protect it this winter.

So, what makes a concrete garage apron important? A concrete apron is important because it provides a necessary transition between the driveway level and the garage floor. The driveway is not always level with the garage floor. Concrete garage aprons are poured in a gradual slope from the driveway to the garage floor. 

If you have an older asphalt driveway, some homeowners will experience a ‘dip’ or ‘holes’ near the garage floor. This could wreak havoc on tires and even damage them. In fact, there are some vehicles that are very low profile, so they could make contact with the concrete and sustain damage. We recommend a concrete apron as the fix to this issue. Ensuring safe passage from one grade of pavement to another, concrete aprons also bring a professional and modern look to your home.

If you’ve noticed gaps, cracks, erosion or heaving at the concrete apron site, it is essential to have repairs or replacement performed as soon as possible. If left untreated, issues could quickly progress further into major problems. Old or damaged concrete aprons can cause erosion, sinkholes or heaving – things you can avoid by maintaining your concrete apron well and replacing it at the first sign of damage. 

That leads us to our next point; protecting your concrete apron this winter in order to avoid future damage. First of all, do not use any salt or de-icers on your new concrete. These products can produce a chemical reaction with the concrete that will cause physical damage. Use of these products will void the warranty. We recommend using sand, as this will not cause any harm to the new concrete. When you use a method of snow removal that has a steel cutting/scraping edge, it will leave behind tiny amounts of steel on the surface of the concrete. These small amounts of steel will oxidize and rust, leaving rust visible on the surface of the concrete. This rust is difficult to remove.

Ready to learn more? For information about a concrete apron for your Minnesota area home, contact us at 651-426-2610 or contact us to request a free estimate!

Install Decorative Concrete for Durability & Style

Winter has officially arrived here in the Twin Cities. It’s downright cold out there! But did you know that Wohlwend Concrete can still complete most of your outdoor projects? We respect the cold ratings on our products, but a large number of projects can still be on your fall to-do list. What have you been envisioning for your driveway, patio or walkways? Getting started today can help you avoid a longer wait come spring when most people think to update these areas of their property. Give us a call at Wohlwend Concrete, we are the trusted name in concrete including decorative concrete for Roseville and the surrounding areas.

decorative concrete Roseville

We are passionate about what we do! As a company, we love the art, science and application of concrete. We love to find ways to make it more beautiful and pleasing to you, the customer, from stamping to polishing, staining it or applying finishes. We strive to work closely with you to find out what you want for your home or business, and work to make those wishes come true for your property. When it comes to decorative concrete, we offer the following patterns and more:

  • Flaming Sunday
  • European Sunday
  • English Yorkstone
  • Random Cobblestone
  • Random Boardwalk
  • Weathered Wood

Did you know that decorative concrete can also provide you with “regular” concrete? That’s how some customers refer to it, but we call it brushed or broomed concrete.  We take pride in bringing our knowledge of concrete and its applications to give you a superior brushed concrete finish!

Stamped concrete offers a variety of surfaces and styles that have a finished yet natural charm. Stamped concrete can offer the look of cobblestone without the major expense and strenuous upkeep.

Wohlwend Concrete is able to do more than just give your concrete a new look. We have staining and sealing services available to give your concrete an additional aesthetic flavor while protecting it from the elements.

As more and more homeowners are incorporating outdoor living spaces into their residential design, we are starting to offer expanded services to create multifunctional outdoor living spaces that include kitchen floors, countertops, walls and more.

Interested in decorative concrete for your Roseville area home? Call Wohlwend Concrete at 651-426-2610 or you can contact us for a Free Quote.